It handled just about everything that I could throw at it!

Apr 2022
Thanks for taking the time to reach out before my new Ekich bobbin arrived in the mail. I agree completely that there is slightly more time required to familiarize oneself with the bobbin in an attempt to flatten the learning curve when compared to some of the other bobbins on the market, but that time is well worth it and the recipients are rewarded with a top notch piece of kit

I would like to say that I have been very pleased with my new tool, and I truly do appreciate the design and engineering that went into this often overlooked item, however I now realize that I am in need of a few more bobbins from you as this is indeed exactly what I have been in need of

I have recently been searching for, purchasing, and using a large variety of higher end bobbins most with adjustable tension, due to a partial amputation of my index finger on my dominant hand, and although I have indeed been fortunate enough to try several really good bobbins, they have all fallen short largely in part due to the lack of a comfortable tying position or grasp

I was introduced to fly fishing and tying through a Veterans Organization after retiring from the United States Army, after being wounded in combat. Fly tying, at least to me, is as enjoyable if not more so than the fishing side of the sport itself. On the days when I am unable to get to the water physically, I can get assistance moving to my bench where I spend hours upon hours tying and still feel the connection to the outdoors, and it has helped me find peace. I know that this bobbin, something that some would simply see as a tool, means a bit more to me. I spent the entire day today tying with the Ekich in hand, and likely used 20+ different threads from 70 denier UTC, waxes Danville threads, GSP power threads, and Semperfli nano silk also a GSP of high quality. The bobbin accepted and ran smoothly with all of the above with the exception of the nano silk by Semperfli. Being as it is the thread I find myself using more often than not, would you have any recommendations as to how to improve the performance of the thread in your bobbin. I would be more than happy to send along a Semperfli spool if you would be willing to help me remedy the issue

Again, I just felt the need to let you know after receiving your email that I have absolutely fallen in love with this bobbin, and it is by far the most comfortable bobbin that I have yet to try. Just so that you are aware of the brands I have tried since the amputation I will list them below, but none have come close to being as comfortable as yours. thanks again for such a great product

Bobbins used:
1. Tiemco magnetic bobbin
2. Smhaen adjustable tension midge bobbin (incredibly sharp edges on this one which was very disappointing at that price point)
3. Stonfo adjustable bobbin (midge model/ continually changes tension while tying as the disc or clutch makes contact with the tyers palm thus allowing small changes to continually have to be made to keep preferred tension setting)
4. Rite bobbin (standard model) more comfortable than those listed above with better set tension, but incredibly thin, leading to sore hands due to tying hand position and ultimately less time spent at the bench with my vise
5. TMC ceramic bobbin (heavy a bit of a disappointment here)
6. Dr Slick (glass) probably my second favorite bobbin at the moment but largely due to the overall size of the bobbin and the diameter of the bobbins thread tube
7. Loon bobbins (several different models. Much better design in regards to ergonomics, however they are quite heavy and I find myself spending less time at the bench yet again
8. Umpqua dream stream (least favorite of all of the bobbins I have used

Thanks again for your time, and my apologies for the book. All photos of flies shown below were tied using the Ekich bobbin. Like stated before, it handled just about everything that I could throw at it!





Ryan is a Professor of Entomology and has tied flies professionally


Far and away the finest bobbin I've used

Feb 2022
I'm thoroughly enjoying my Ekich bobbin. It has taken a bit of practice and I still have much to learn but it is far and away the finest bobbin I've used

More to come when I'm totally familiar with your bobbin...






Pleasant and Cool

July 1, 2021
I got your bobbin in this afternoon's mail. This evening I put my frozen dinner in the micro to heat up and went to my tying room to fiddle with it a bit. After figuring out the thread needs to come off in the direction of the arrow it worked flawlessly. It made tying significantly easier. My "learning curve" was about sixty seconds. After that I just got lost in tying different patterns and experimenting. Wonderful

Found my dinner cooked, cold, soggy and forgotten in the micro two hours later, didn't regret it at all. Thank you

Looks like your weather has been pleasant and cool. Hmmm...just like the bobbin. Hope you are enjoying it






Special Q-ring for Veevus/Semperfli non-standard spools is exactly what I had hoped

June 3, 2021
While browsing the FAQ of Faruk's website I came across information regarding the fact that the newer style Veevus spool centers are smaller than what is considered standard size. Faruk mentioned that this is easily overcome by drilling out the spool slightly. Seemed simple enough and certainly wasn't a deal breaker for me. However, using the Norvise auto-bobbin almost exclusively for awhile now and the spooling and effort required to prepare Norm/Tim's bobbin for use, I was hoping to not have to do anything extra at all. I disliked spooling and threading the Norvise bobbin so much that I would often use thread on a fly I didn't particularly want to use just to avoid having to do it.

Enter the FAQ's other option, which is ordering the bobbin with "a special ring" to allow fitment of the Veevus spool with no modifications required on my end. This option was appealing to me but meant that the bobbin would be dedicated to Veevus spools only. I use primarily Semperfli and Veevus thread and lately, mostly Semperfli so a dedicated Veevus bobbin probably did not make sense. This is where Faruk's fantastic customer service and dedication became apparent. I had noticed that my Semperfli spools look very similar to my Veevus spools. This got me thinking the special ring option for Veevus may also work for Semperfli. I emailed Faruk and asked if he can confirm the two spools were in fact the same. He answered almost instantly and said that neither Veevus nor Semperfli are readily available at shops in his area of Canada. As a result of this he couldn't confirm they were in fact the same, but he agreed that they do appear to be from the same supplier with minor differences, (colour, thread winding direction, end cap/ID sticker placement etc.). He seemed confident it would work with both and I felt confident that if I ordered with the ring and it didn't he would make it right.

I went ahead and ordered the Salmon size A-frame with the ceramic insert and waited patiently with great anticipation for it to arrive. I didn't have to wait long, it was assembled and shipped out next day and was at my door within three days of shipping. Faruk was in constant contact through the process and offered me several methods to contact him so he could assist me personally should I have any questions or concerns with the bobbin's use.

When my bobbin arrived I tied up a quick Woolly Bugger to test it out. Half of the fly I used Veevus and half Semperfli to test fit and function of both. Semperfli spool is just a hair tighter then the Veevus spool but goes on the bobbin easily using just a little more care when sliding it on. Gently wiggling the Semperfli until the o-ring clears the outer edge of the spool instead of just pushing it straight on like I do with Veevus works fantastic. Once the o-ring passes the outer edge of spool it slides the rest of the way home with no issues or additional care at all.

To be perfectly frank, Faruk's bobbin works better then the Norvise bobbin when you spin the Norvise and his is much more user friendly and quicker to the ready. The point of the Norvise system in my opinion is the spinning of the vise and truthfully I didn't use the feature often. I always found the thread would hang up and I would have to stop and give the bobbin a few tugs to get it feeding freely again. Thread control when I would spin the vise wasn't great either. Basically I only used the feature for spinning dubbing onto the thread. Maybe my challenges with the Norvise bobbin were user error or maybe not? Either way, no issues with any of my previous Norvice bobbin problems using Faruk's bobbin, it just works, and works freely, perfectly and easily. For me there was zero learning curve and I transitioned immediately.

I love my Norvise and I rarely use my traditional vises anymore even though I didn't get along particularly well with the Norvise bobbin. The Ekich for me is a game changer with the Norvise system, and I am looking forward to being able to use the vise more successfully as it was designed and intended to be used.






I listed the Norvise bobbin for sale the same day

May 26, 2021
Thank you Faruk. Your bobbins are working very well.

The other day I just happened to use my Norvise bobbin, the first time since I received your bobbin...and that lasted about a half a fly before I set it down and reached for yours.

The thread tension on the Norvise bobbin was inconsistant and it felt cheap in my hand. I listed the Norvise bobbin for sale the same day. Your bobbins are working great and feel good in the hand.

My 65th Birthday is in a few weeks and I'm retired now so I bought myself two more bobbins to celebrate. I look forward to receiving them.

Good health to you Sir and your family.






No more re-spooling and ABSOLUTE thread control

January 12, 2021
My wife bought me the Trout version of the Ekich Bobbin, with the ceramic sleeve, at my urging for Christmas this year. I have had my eye on it for quite a while and the time was right to have one for myself.

I am lucky in that I have two tying benches, one at my house in the city and one at my lake house in Tennessee. The one in the city I have been using a Norvice Tying Vice along with their automatic bobbin. I have been using this set up for years and have come to appreciate the automatic take-up features of their bobbin. I have also learned the weaknesses of their system. One being the need to re-spool the thread. Another being the lack of predictable thread control by both the re-spooling and by the need to set tension by wrapping the thread around one of the sleeve support legs.

With the acquisition of the lake house, I have easy access to all the waters of Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina, including the coveted Watauga and South Holston tail waters. Of course, I needed a second tying bench, so I bought and new rotary vice (Peak this time) and started out using regular bobbins. I hated them. Hence the request for the Ekich Bobbin.

Your bobbin is EXACTLY what I wanted. No more re-spooling and ABSOLUTE thread control. I LOVE IT!

Due to my prior experience with the Norvice bobbin solution my learning curve was vastly shortened and I immediately recognized the benefits of the Ekich bobbin.

I have known for a long time, since seeing it advertised in Fly Fisherman magazine and researching it online, that it would be an ideal solution, but I have been hesitant to spend the extra money. However now that I have one, I have ZERO regrets and it has proven to be everything I had hoped it would be.

I still have much to learn to become proficient but I am well on my way and I am a very satisfied customer.

In addition, I am one who openly shares my knowledge of fly fishing and fly tying with friends and those I meet along the way. I always try to transfer the little tips and tricks it took me years to learn, so that they will come to enjoy it as much as I do. Mentioning the Ekich Bobbin is now going to be one of those tidbits I share.

Thank you, and if you ever get down this way, I would be more than pleased to spend some time on the water with you.

Best of all in your endeavors and stay healthy and safe.






The testimonials continue with one from a happy DamaSeal "keeper"

January 5, 2020
More often than not, I will sit down at my vise with a clean slate and open mind... I start with a thread foundation and begin composing... A fuzzy notion emerges which quickly evolves into an innuendo... The arch of the shoulders and the sparse fuselage compliment the vice and vice versa... BUT... Calling the DamaSeal a vise is calling a Stradivarius a fiddle :)






"A fantastically engineered product"

November 26, 2019
I received your bobbin yesterday and have had some opportunities to use it. It took a couple of uses to get use to resetting the tensioning wheel, but I think I'm going to really enjoy using it. As a user of the Tiemco magnetic bobbin, Rite bobbin, Stonfo elite bobbin and the C&F bobbin, I must say I've been very impressed with both the smoothness of operation and the convenience of loading the thread on yours. Well done and well worth the price. I believe I may be ordering a couple more soon. Thank you for a fantastically engineered product!!!






"They are the ONLY WAY to tie flies"

October 31, 2018
I have been tying flies for forty-seven years.
   Back in the day I wore out two Thompson fly tying vises: a Thompson B vise and a Universal II vise. I then transitioned from a premium HMH #243 to TRUE Rotary tying on Rensetti Master vises. I've been tying true rotary for the past 25 years and it is the only way to go if you care about precise fly tying; you can tie in at any angle and examine your work from all sides of the hook.
   Many may consider this boastful, but I know my stuff. I've taught fly tying for 15 years, so I can confidently say I talk from experience.
   One thing I wish I had done years ago was to use an automatic-wind fly tying bobbin such as the Ekich automatic bobbin. An automatic bobbin makes your fly tying so much easier. Never having to wind thread back onto the spool is the best thing ever, period. Total. Thread. Control.
   With the Ekich automatic bobbin you can just use factory wound thread spools; there is no need to first re-wind the thread onto another spool. Once a factory spool is seated into an Ekich bobbin, the bobbin stays where you've put it. There is no slack in your fly tying thread. This bobbin teaches you thread control. It is pure joy to tie with. I really wish I bought this bobbin when they first came out! Unfortunately, I did not and it was because I neither fully understood nor appreciated then how invaluable this tool is.
   Many people I know balk at the cost: $100 + $12 for shipping. Let me make this perfectly clear: $112 is nothing for a machined fly tying bobbin made from 15 components that will last a lifetime if you take care of it. Take care of it and it will take care of you. This is something you pass down to your kids.
   Ladies and gentlemen just wait until you tie a jam knot: use a pinch, half hitch and then sit back while the bobbin takes over and sucks excess slack back onto the spool. Whip finishes practically finish themselves.
   Tolerances to the nth degree, a surgical stainless steel tube, an ergonomic design that fits in either hand (I speak from experience as an ambidextrous tyer), nice places for your thumb and index fingers, 24-28 inches of thread to tie with before having to reset the spring which can be done with one hand...I can go on and on about this bobbin, but all you really need to know is that you need one!
   When I teach, the first thing I do is demonstrate on my rotary vise why an Ekich bobbin is so indispensable to fly tying. I cannot contemplate tying without my Ekich bobbins; tying would become pedantic, joyless and even souless.
   At first I purchased two Ekich bobbins: Trout and Salmon. Today I own 16 and have absolutely zero regrets.
   They are the ONLY WAY to tie flies.
   Faruk, thank you for making such a precise and beautiful tool.






"I am now officially addicted to your bobbin"

"I have been tying with the Ultimate Bobbin for close to a year now and I can honestly say you absolutely get what you pay for with this tool. I tried to tie with other nice bobbins that I have but quickly became irritated with having to back-wind continuously.
   I am now officially addicted to your bobbin. It isn't a bad thing the constant tension has increased my ability to tie a cleaner fly without having to back-wind like normal bobbins and usually, in the process, losing position of the thread or slippage of materials requiring re-tying - very annoying. I had some young tyer's try out the Ultimate Bobbin after teaching them the basics on 3 or 4 flies with a very nice standard bobbin. They instantly understood the advantages of your bobbin. Of course their parents weren't too pleased to find out the price but I explained to them that their great grand children could still effectively use this tool that cost about as much as a video game that probably wouldn't last to next Christmas."






"One slick device"

December 29, 2015
Thank you for the personal (and prompt) verification of my order, and for the links to instructional media for your bobbins.
   I found your bobbins when I did a websearch for automatic bobbins; I have been tying with my Norvise (which I adore) for several years, and fixed vises for half a century before that.
   While I own several Norvise auto-bobbins (which are very well designed and fabricated), I find winding (and tension loading) various threads upon the spools tedious.
   In addition, varying thread diameters (even within the same manufacturers) create their own little problems because the thread tension on the spool has to be 'preloaded' and wound around one of the bobbin arms to function properly. Waxed, and unwaxed, only further complicates matters.
   I thought it would be nice to simply use whatever spool the thread's manufacturer supplied. I think I have at least a superficial understanding of how your bobbins operate, and am very optimistic it will meet my expectations...because reviews of the Ekich bobbin are uniformly enthusiastic...and some of my positive impressions were also formed by posting inquiries in various flyfishing forums.
   This is probably way more than you're interested in hearing, but I'll venture a few more personal observations anyway.
   Like most flytyers, I grew up tying on fixed vises, using cheap (but effective) bobbins that served the needs of such tyers quite well. While the number of high quality fixed vises have expanded to an incredible degree, their users simply do not understand that 'old style' bobbins have not kept pace. Bobbins are regarded (very mistakenly in my opinion) as somewhat at the level of hackle pliers. They tend to not realize the very real thread control advantages an auto-bobbin provides.
   While the absolute necessity of a good auto-bobbin are quite obvious to those who use rotary vises (a smaller market subset), such benefits have been largely lost upon the remainder of the flytying community.
   The good news is that the cost of even relatively primative bobbins (as well as the other costs associated with flytying) have increased substantially...to the point the cost of your auto-bobbin are not at all unreasonable.
   If I were you, I'd hit the regional and North American flyfishing webforums with some sort of advertising presence, linking to positive reviews from respected periodicals. In reality, a good auto-bobbin ought to become every bit as important to the pursuit of flyting pleasure as a high quality vise (rotary or fixed).
   Looking forward to learning about your bobbin! And I should add that your damascus style vise has become the Lamborgini of the flytying world.

January 8, 2016
"Received your bobbin this week, and I'll provide a preliminary report; this is one slick device. I had earlier watched your videos so I managed to immediately slide on several different spools of Uniglide (my long time preference), pull the thread through the barrel with the convenient dental spreader, and the bobbin performed exactly as it should. It stays wherever you leave it, and flawlessly retracts thread.
   Unloading the spring tension is quite simple. It's a joy that one doesn't have to worry about the thread zipping back through the barrel if tension is first released, and if one forgets it's a very simple matter to thread up again...as easy as changing spools!
   I was especially impressed with how well the interior ends of the barrel were smoothly polished...I've had a few higher end conventional bobbins where the manufacturer didn't even bother to do so which, to my mind shows a serious lapse of quality control."

May 15, 2016
"I've now spent quite a bit of time tying with your excellent bobbin, and believe I've learned a few of its idiosyncracies...none of which are negative, but merely require a little adaptation on the user's part.
   As you might remember, I use a Norvise, which makes a thread post (particularly with an auto-retracting bobbin) an extremely useful accessory. I believe the standard distance between the jaws of the Norvise (depending upon jaw type) and the thread post is about 18 inches. I've found that length excessive when using the Ekich bobbin, so I shortened the span to about 14 inches. Maybe I use more thread per fly than others, but that additional 4 inches leaves me with sufficient thread to easily complete most flies without releasing the tension on the bobbin. The span is still big enough to create wire brushes on the dubbing stand between the jaws and the thread post.
   I also learned fairly early that once I've whip finished a fly I need to let the bobbin tip touch the head of the fly before releasing thread tension...(and cutting the thread, of course!)...that way I end up with a relatively short piece of non-tensioned thread to start the next fly (and a convenient pause to hang the bobbin from the thread post while I place another hook in the vise).
   Finally, I was completely mystified (for awhile anyway) why identical spools of Uni thread behaved very differently on the bobbin; some would completely resist retracting...even though the tension was quite sufficient to retract on other identical Uni bobbins (same size thread and color...purchased at the same time).
   At first I thought it might be the little thread notch plastic extending enough to catch the rim of the bobbin spool holder assembly...or a bit of excess plastic spool 'flash'...but close inspection (and spool trimming) didn't alleviate the problem.
   So I became convinced that the problem was more fundamental...that it must be related to how the offending spools fit on the spool axle. It turned out that the 'problem' spools' plastic 'halves' are not actually parallel; the central spool shafts, joined in the middle, veer off at slightly different angles. Such irregularities mean nothing on a regular bobbin, since the spool is merely pinched between the bobbin 'jaws'...but it was sufficient to put enough offset friction on the little collet that holds the washer against the shaft below it.
   I finally arrived at a solution; though I keep the washer lightly lubed, I found that taking time to place some grease inside the problematic spool shaft with a Q-Tip completely solved the issue. Apparently the lubricant allows the washer to assume a proper orientation that compensates for the flawed spool irregularities. It now seems quite obvious (like most solutions) but I was a little aggravated at the time, because it meant a device that I had come to very much enjoy...was behaving in an unpredictable manner.
   So...I will be ordering one of your metal versions (trout barrel length), in the fear that you will decide to retire and that your wonderful bobbins will no longer be available!"






"My newest family of tools"

"You wrote to me when I purchased the "S Series", my first Ekich Bobbin and told me that there would be a bit of a learning curve to to using the Ekich bobbin. To be honest, I have not come across that learning curve as of yet!!! In fact, it has been quite the opposite for me! I had been using the other form of automatic bobbin for a number of years. After seeing the advertisement for the Ekich Bobbins every time I opened up the FlyTyer magazine and the final straw was after developing an interest in the Jvise and seeing that the bobbin of choice was again the Ekich, I had to give one a try!!! I can happily say that was several months ago and have not had the urge to even pick up any other bobbin since!!! This bobbin that I am currently placing an order for will be my second in what I hope will become my newest family of tools in my fly tying arsenal. Thank you.





Rich Lewis resides in the high desert region of the western USA. He has a fondness for advanced composite structures. Rich consults to the aerospace and sporting goods sectors. Some of his favorite projects include Hardy's Syntrix nano rods, Redington's NTI-Q rods; along with some fairly complex spacecraft systems such as the Orion Lunar Lander and the New World's Observer exoplanet spacecraft.

Fly tying is his passion and Rich ties flies for all occasions. Sharks to Sunfish. Several of his patterns are sold through major outlets and he is always trying to stay abreast of innovative materials and tying techniques and tools. When Rich is not working on the tractor, he can be found in his den tying flies, or heading out to one of the local fisheries. He is a charter member of the Nye County Fly Fishers


"You easily forget that you are holding this bobbin"

"I opened the latest Issue of Fly Tyer Magazine and saw an ad for the new Type S Ekich Ultimate Bobbin. It looked vastly different than the previous type A's, of which I own three. I have long since relegated the handful of standard ball-end, or cap-end spring wire tensioned bobbins on my bench to dispense specialty materials like flash strand, chenille and wool yarns. Faruk's auto-bobbins have served me well over the past decade. I am an auto-bobbin convert!
   The new Type S features a molded polymer frame. I immediately contacted Faruk to see what his new bobbin was all about. Before long I had the new Type S in hand. Oh my ... the new creation from Fly Tying Enhancements is very refined indeed.
   My first impression was that the new Type S is noticeably lighter than the original type A's. Secondly, the improvement to form fit and function is obvious the moment you pick it up. The Type S bobbin fits into your hand naturally. You grasp it and it nests into your hand. Your fingers and thumb fall onto the gripping surfaces of the polymer frame just like it was custom molded to fit your hand. I guess it was! Wow. There is now a molded extension on the bottom of the frame which allows you to manage the bobbin's spring let-off easier. There are integrated, serrated gripping features in the upper pads now. Nice! Basically - the bobbin is a refinement of the already near-perfect standard Type A bobbin.
   Up front, the Ekich Auto Bobbins I've tied with for the past 10 years enhance the art of tying flies for me. They have made me a better tyer and my flies are more elegant too. How so? My flies use less thread, have smaller heads and far less thread build-up where you don't need it. Using the Ekich bobbins over the years, my tying has evolved from desperation to relaxation. These auto bobbin-machines help you to tie knots (hitches), pinch strands of materials against the hook, & generally allow you to efficiently manage your thread better than any other bobbins I have tried. The auto bobbin allows you to "Un-Tie" a fly too. Those awkward moments when you realize that you have made an error, or the materials are not behaving - are easily remedied using an auto-bobbin. You can unwrap a dozen turns of thread and the bobbin winds it all back on the spool- maintaining tension all the while you rework your fly. No more trying to get your thumb to spin the thread spool from your lap to the vise as you reverse your tying while trying to keep tension - and you know what I mean! This saves so much time!
   The new Type S bobbin is noticeably lighter; yet there is enough mass there to hold a single thread wrap on a feather - hands-off. The threading of the bobbin is easy too, and I find myself rotating the Type S 90 degrees when loading thread. There a few little differences in the way the new bobbin wants to be used. The thread tube has a good flare on the inside end, which aides in threading too. The metallic components are seamlessly integrated into the molded frame of the Type S bobbin. It is very well manufactured. However, the ergonomics of this new bobbin is what truly stands out to me. This new bobbin is incredibly neutral in your hand. You easily forget that you are holding this bobbin. It fits my hand that well, and it is lightweight for a complex machine. So with the superior hand-fit and lighter weight - you tend not to set it down much. If you already tie with an Ekich Auto-bobbin, then you'll love and appreciate the improvements of the new Type S polymer frame design. I'll have to say that if you are considering the move to an auto bobbin - then try this new version. These tools pay for themselves over time; since you waste less thread and tie more flies in a given session at the bench. They bring me joy every time I pick one up. Thank you Faruk for inventing this fine fly tying tool!"





Joyce Westphal is a CRNA (certified registered nurse anesthetist) who grew up fishing a small farm pond in South Dakota, USA.

She currently resides in Springville, Utah & learned to tie flies & is learning to flyfish since moving here 24 years ago.

She loves her Provo River which flows at the foot of beautiful Mount Timpanogos.

Joyce's flies


"Its holding in place power is awesome..."

"I've been a rotary tier for many years, but not until I used an automatic bobbin was I really happy with the process. I use several bobbins, the Norlander bobbin, which has an automatic clutch, & the Ekich bobbin. I love each for a different reason. The Nor-bobbin has an automatic clutch, but you must respool the thread each time to fill the bobbin.
   Unlike this bobbin, the Ekich bobbin has the distinct advantage that it will take any size standard spool of tying thread without any rewinding. You don't have to buy any extra spools. This is a big plus when one changes thread sizes, colors, & brands as frequently as I do. It will also take a "non-standard" unwaxed silk thread spool which one can buy in any specialty fabric store, & the cost of that real silk is much less when purchased in the fabric store, so you get more thread for the same amount of money.
   I like the feel of the bobbin in my arthritic hands. It is small & concise, threads freely, & is easy to re-thread when you break the thread. I am impressed with the holding power of the bobbin. It doesn't slip or fall to the table when you are tying, & moving it to the tying post & back again is smooth & quick. Its holding in place power is awesome...you don't have to palm the spool as you do with a standard bobbin. This is really appreciated when one has arthritic hands & pressure on the bobbin spool causes pain.
   One does have to lift the bobbin from time to time to let the winder rewind...but only on large flies, & it is so simple to do that one can simply flick their finger, lift the spool off & place it down again taking only a second of time. On small flies, the spring will let you tie an entire fly. And, the good news, when you're done with your fly, all you have to do is quickly lift the spool & the thread won't suck back into the bobbin spigot.
   In short, I have & love this bobbin. It is a great travel bobbin. But be warned. When you do a fly-tying expo & demonstrate rotary tying, be sure & keep it constantly in your hand or pocket of your tying apron. When other people see it, they see its advantages, want one & tend to take it with them."





Jay's website
The Ultimate Bobbin review on Jay's site


"...performs superbly."

"After waiting almost 3 weeks, the long awaited parcel finally arrived. I ordered both the Salmon and Trout models with ceramic tips.
   I have been using an automatic bobbin for a few years. They are an invaluable partner to a rotary vice as the thread rewinds to the desired position automatically after being stored on the bobbin rest (or any task that requires a lot of thread between the bobbin and the fly such as hand whip finishing etc). Gone is the tedious task of rewinding the spool by hand.
   There were two major problems with my previous model. Firstly the thread has to be wound onto a special spool for use with the bobbin and the second problem which made it virtually unusable for me (because I love tying with really fine thread 6/0 and thinner) was that when the spring length is exhausted one has to pull more thread off the spool. This requires additional force with a result that the thread often broke at this point. Not Good.
   The Ekich solves both these problems. Firstly it takes standard spools. Just pop them on. Thread the bobbin and you are in business. The perfectly calibrated spring balances the bobbin at any point. Secondly and this is the most important feature is that when the spring reaches the end of its range simply move the thread spool a few mm away from the bobbin body. This action disengages a locking pin allowing the spring to rewind. Then reseat the spool. This operation takes about a second to perform.
   Automatic bobbin's do take a bit of getting used to. The main thing to remember is to re-set the spool before cutting off the thread when the fly is complete as well as resetting it before the spring reaches the end of it's range. Once you get into this habit it is an absolute pleasure to use.
   Fly tying is all about thread control specially when tying in delicate materials and flaring buck tails that need to be tamed. The Ekich Bobbin performs these tasks perfectly. When zero thread tension is required pull away from the hook releasing the desired amount of thread, trap the spool with the 4th and 5th finger and then do that first critical soft wrap. When more thread force is required simply apply additional tension to the spool using the 4th and 5th finger. This control technique can easily be mastered in ones first tying secession.
   The bobbin is very comfortable in the hand because of the wire loop on the open side. See picture above which is the correct grip when tying except that the 4th and 5th fingers would close around the spool to control thread tension.
   Yes this is a pricey item retailing at $90.00 US but if you are a serious fly tyer and own a rotary vice it is a gadget that is invaluable, beautifully crafted and performs superbly. You will never regret this purchase."





Click on Bob's picture for a look at his tying bench.


"The constant smooth thread control is a real dream."

"My comments are truly the way I feel about the Ekich bobbin. It seems like I have always been looking for a better bobbin & I have used all styles. For a number of years I used an automatic bobbin that doesn't have the features of yours, such as the use of standard thread spools.
   My search for the ultimate bobbin has just ended.
   The constant smooth thread control is a real dream. The spool socket that prevents the thread spool hub tangles is a pleasure. The stainless steel tube length on your salmon bobbin seems just about right for all around tying.
   I believe that once a tyer uses the Ekich bobbin, they will never use any other.
   I've attached a photo of me at the tying bench. If you can use my comment or photo to promote your bobbin, feel free to do so. Again, thanks for your help & friendly service."






"...essential for speed wrapping."

"I have been using the Fly Tying Enhancements (invented and produced by Faruk Ekich), Automatic Bobbin for five years.
   I am a commercial fly tier, mostly saltwater flies.
   I do a great deal of wrapping of chenille for the body of these flies and I find the Automatic Bobbin essential for speed wrapping.
   I move the bobbin to the post while using my vise to wrap the fly body. The thread then automatically rewinds ready to tie off and for the next step which is usually wrapping a hair wing.
   I tie many dozens of Clousers and other saltwater fly patterns. My Automatic Bobbin makes it easier and faster. I wouldn't tie without it !!!"






"...one well thought out tool."

"This bobbin is one well thought out tool.
   I find that the outstreached wire arrangement enables me to hold it in a most comfortable and helpful position.
   The automatic feature is, of course, the greatest help around. In 20 years of tying flies I am amazed and wondering how I ever got along without it.
   Sometimes, in a rare situation, I find it more convienient to use a conventional bobbin (or use a regular bobbin in conjunction with it), but the Ekich Bobbin is now my basic bobbin.
   I had been looking at another type of automatic bobbin where one has to take all the thread off of it's original spool and put it on a special one made for that bobbin...I am thankful for the alternative to that process made possible by your invention. A satisfied customer."






"...never have I found it so easy to tie."

"Dear Mr. Ekich, The bobbin arrived yesterday...I just tied a few flies with it.
   There are very few products I have encountered my lifetime that I felt could truly justify their price. Your bobbin certainly does...never have I found it so easy to tie. The whole process seems to just simplify itself with your bobbin. I tried it on both my stationary and rotary vice and the result was equally superb. Every complaint I had with the Nor Vise bobbin you have solved with absolute engineering elegance.
   I will be back for a couple more after the new year. Again, thanks for a perfect product."






"Across the board, it gets an A++"

"Simply Amazing! Over the past two weeks, I have given up tying for the sake of flies, and focused solely on putting my new Ekich Bobbin to the test. Across the board, it gets an A++. Contrary to the information on your website, the learning curve was surprisingly short. Changing of spools is quick and effortless; so, I see little to no need for an arsenal of bobbins. I have tied with "Uni Big Fly" down to 17/0, and the tension has remained perfect and appropriate for the task at hand. The materials have been held firmly in place on the hook without a single broken thread...no more overpowering the thread/bobbin. The rewind function has allowed me to leave or place the bobbin exactly where I want it or need it at all times. I have been able to gracefully back off of materials without losing thread tension or fussing with the bobbin.
   For the first time, I feel that I am using the full potential of my true rotary vise, with better results and at a quicker pace. And, last but not least, it is the most ergonomic bobbin that I have used...great balance and feel.
   You deserve much kudos for such a great design! It is worth every penny, and I will be back soon to get another bobbin for my travel case.
   Keep up the great work."






"...works so smoothly."

"First, it was as well machined as I had anticipated. It is a nice piece of fly-tying equipment and feels good in the tying hand.
   Secondly, it is easier to thread than my other retractable bobbin, and thread changes were very simple.
   The retractable feature of the bobbin works like a charm. I like being able to easily discharge the tension with one hand and resume tying in an instant.
   The ceramic head is smooth as silk.
   I tied more than four dozen flies in the last 10 days withthread ranging from 3/0 to 8/0. None of the thread broke; the tension was always just what was needed.
   I am pleased with my purchase. It is, as you acknowledge, an expensive bobbin, but it is worth the price. I spent at least that much buying extra spools to load with the other bobbin.
   Tying with your bobbin has gotten me more excited about tying because it works so smoothly."






What follows is a letter from Roger to his friend Steve

I just got my new fly tying bobbins from Faruk Ekich up in Ottawa, ON Canada. I gave it a work out this morning and that is the premier of all bobbins. You can just take a spool of thread and put it on without any rewinding the thread onto another spool. I takes less then 15 seconds to change one thread spool of one color to another and you are tying again. It is the most marvelous piece of engineering that I have seen in the fly tying business. Quality second to none. You will have to try one to believe it.





The Ekich bobbin "provides a constant 33 grams of pressure on the thread, allowing me to dress size 28s without worrying about breaking my 17/0 Trico Uni-thread. And boy does that make me happy. Of course one can use the bobbin with all thread sizes, but being able to lay down wrap after wrap of 17/0 with no fear of breakage makes the bobbin worth every penny of its cost. If you tie small stuff, look into this bobbin."
Full review




"I really have tested all the fly tying bobbins out there...In the end, after a year of testing, the Ekich Bobbin was undoubtedly the best."
Full review




"If you tie a lot, a bobbin is a critical tool. In the grand scheme of fly fishing $100 is just a day or two of gas , a guides tip, or whatever. I say splurge and spend the money. You won't regret it."
Full opinion on Spey Pages




"What makes your bobbin superior to others is the automatic thread rewind function and, even more important to me and less evident, the ergonomics and the thread tension control. Even without the automatic function, the handling is absolutely perfect; the way the bobbin positions in my palm is an absolute joy to tie with."




"Mr. Ekich, your ultimate fly tying bobbin performs exactly as you described it would. I will be ordering another bobbin in a few weeks for my granddaughter in continuation of the kit I am putting together for her."




"The trout bobbin I ordered arrived today. I'm amazed how much more precise my tying is after a few minutes with your bobbin. Worth every penny. Thank you sir."




"The bobbin has finally evolved. Really great stuff, Faruk"




"For me, the best feature is the constant tension - laying a thread base on a hook shank by using the rotary feature of my vise and the constant tension of the bobbin leads to a more consistent and even finish."




"The bobbin arrived today, Monday 4th March. Tied my first fly (a tenkara snipe and purple) 5 minutes later. Absolutely amazing. I wish I could afford half a dozen. It's nice not to have to loop the thread around the leg of the bobbin holder to get the correct tension a la Norlander bobbins. It's very easy to get used to after using Norlander retractables for over 2 years now. I will save up now for a couple more. Beautifully engineered."




"Having used your excellent bobbin holder for a couple of weeks I felt I should tell you how pleased I am with it. As a new fly tier I cannot imagine using anything else now. It is an enormous boon to a newcomer like me who is still wrestling with basic techniques. My first efforts with a conventional bobbin holder were frustrating in that I was continuously rewinding having ended up with a very extended thread. Now of course that need has vanished. The bobbin holder is beautifully crafted and a joy to use. Clearly you are a perfectionist engineer - as I can also see from your glorious vice."




"I learned about your bobbin through the internet. After using it now for a couple of months, I must say that it is the best investment in fly tying that I have made and it is well worth the money. I plan on getting another before next winter."




"I find your bobbin indispensable. All my other bobbins are now permanently spooled with floss and wire. Somewhere during my learning curve I said to myself; WINDOW SHADE. That is what its operation brings to mind."




"I have been tying with Norm Norlander's automatic bobbin for some time however I have trouble keeping track of the different threads I'm using since they need to be spooled onto separate spools. I have used yours for a few days and find it a joy to tie with, thank you for a wonderful product."




"...The appeal of your bobbin is that it holds standard thread spools and there is no need to wrap the thread around the leg of the bobbin to set the tension like on the Norvise bobbins...I can see my Norvise bobbins being neglected for preference for your bobbin. Your product is far superior in my view.
     I'm sure the lads from my local fly fishing club will be very envious of my new bobbin when we have our next fly tying session."




"Now I'm not a pro tier, or even a frequent one, but I really appreciate quality tools that make the experience more pleasurable. In the Ekich Ultimate I now have an auto rewind bobbin that works with me effortlessly. I always feel like it's a bit of a wrestling match with the Nor-Vise bobbin but yours is a pleasure to work with and I can focus on tying instead of controlling the bobbin. Thanks for a wonderful product!"




"I must note that I made an effort to see what other choices are available to someone seeking the features found in your bobbin holder. Without a doubt, yours stands alone. I will name no names here, but simply say that I am confident that I made the best choice when I ordered the Ekich Bobbin."
Stephen's site: newworldcarp.com




"Having used your bobbin now for a couple of weeks, I can say without a doubt that yours is superior to any retracting bobbin that I know of on the market. Not having to respool the thread is a great thing. Your bobbin is much more ergonomicly designed than the competitors as well. It is smooth operating and a pleasure to use. I am very pleased with it and will highly recommend it."




"I wanted to tell you that your bobbin has been an absolute joy to use! It is a phenomenal tool and I wish I had found it years ago...Great tool, very good price in my opinion for such a tool, and exceptional quality. I will definitely be giving it praises to my fellow serious tiers. Nice work and thank you!"




"After long waiting I have finally tried the bobbin and I'm full with enthusiasm. It's a dream to tie with the Ekich bobbin and the tying is much easier and faster. This bobbin I should have 20 years before.
     I think this is the best available bobbin you can get. I like it very much and it is a pleasure to work with. Sure, it isn't cheap, but it is worth every penny. Thank you for this perfect tool. I will highly recommend it."




"I had the great good fortune to purchase the Ekich Ultimate Bobbin and I find that now I simply cannot tie without it. This is a very well designed and well built tool...Quite honestly, I've tried tying with one of my old bobbins and I just cannot do it anymore."




"I LOVE it. It was totally worth the $. While I'm not a professional tier, it will still shave time off on each fly. More importantly, I don't have to deal with rewinding the spool each time which is a pain in the butt."




"It is precise, easy to use, and eliminates the need to rewind thread onto the spool should you have to unwrap a few turns to make an adjustment to materials on a fly under construction. Dubbing loops are made simply, and it handles a variety of thread sizes gently and with ease."




"I have used my automatic bobbin for about two months now, and I am really impressed. It is a work of art! It works flawlessly and is a delight to work with. I wonder how I managed without it for so long :)
     I had some problems to begin with because I held too much tension on the spool that resulted in thread breakage. But it was two evenings with trial and error, and then everything worked perfectly."




"I picked up the bobbin at the post office on Saturday. It is impressive. Very well made and designed. I could not resist trying it so I tied two small (and very simple) size 20 flies (3x long) and I was pretty well trained in the operation of the bobbin after the first fly. I would say it has a 15 minute learning curve. All I can say is well done! I just can't believe it, it actually does what I always wished a bobbin would do."




"Your bobbin holder is and remains one of those things that makes flytying a pleasure."




"I have had the bobbin for about a week now and I really like it. It's easy to use and gives me great thread control. I especially like the fact that it accepts all my thread spools."




"I have never considered fine tools to be an expense, rather they are an asset. Your bobbin will pay for itself many times over just in the joy of using it."




"The bobbin is everything it is advertised as, and I might add an observation...It's like having an extra set of hands except that these hands operate a LOT smoother than mine."




"Just a note to let you know that I think you make one of the finest bobbin holders made. I currently own over one hundred eighty-five (185+) bobbin holders and yours are as good or better than all the bobbin holders made. Please keep making the great equipment that you make."
Frank's bio
Frank's flies




"Thank you for providing the fly tying community with your excellent product."




"I just wanted to let you know I received the bobbin yesterday, Oct 9. In the evening I tied some baetis flies using both bobbins, one of the threads was the 17/0. It is still amazing how smoothly the bobbin handles the small delicate threads. I'm glad you had the desire to develop it."




"Not only is it time-consuming and inconvenient to transfer thread from factory to special spools, re-spooling also adds twist to the thread. So I am looking forward to avoiding that problem as well. No re-spooling, no extra cost, and uniform thread flatness and tension are all apparent advantages that your automatic bobbin has over the competition."




"I used the bobbin to tie a few simple streamer patterns last night and it worked flawlessly."




"I really enjoy all the ways it enhances my flytying."




"Your bobbin works like a dream. I quickly reached a point where
I can't be without my Ekich Bobbin. I'm going to have to order a few more."




"I've been taking some tying stuff with me to while away the unproductive times on the rivers. I am using your great little bobbin. Getting so I'd rather tie without my thumbs then that little beauty!!!"




"When I first saw the picture of the Ekich Bobbin I was impressed with the quality of the design, a machined brass thread hub, anodized aluminum housing, even the lettering on the side of the housing appears as if it where laser etched. And, it was an automatic bobbin that uses standard spools. How could I lose, I decided to buy one and try it out."




"You probably hear this a lot, but thanks for still making a quality product in this day of mass-produced junk."




"I received the bobbins yesterday and immediately tried them out. They are really excellent. Great feature to be able to shorten the thread with only one hand and what an fine weight they have of their own: masterpieces!"




"...not least the fact that it takes standard bobbins make this an expensive tool that is worth every penny."




"I still love mine more and more each time I tie. Latest discovery: I can release the tension halfway through a large fly and still keep accuracy at a maximum."




"I finally got a chance to try my new bobbin. What a pleasant surprise. It fits naturally in the hand and is very comfortable. Tension and rewind is great. I am most pleased and would recommend it to anyone."




"Now that I'm completely used to the bobbin, it's ruined me for the conventional ones that I normally use."




"Just thought I'd drop you a line to say I'm really enjoying the Bobbin! It took a few days of getting used to it, but it really speeds up fly-tying for me. I like the spring retrieve when half-hitching & whip-finishing."
Ernie was a member of the 2007 Canadian Fly Fishing Team - F.E.




"Your bobbin is the best $100 that I've ever spent on my fly tying equipment. My old bobbins were good but this one is a step change improvement. The operation is very intuitive and the only thing I have to do is remind myself to re-set the bobbin prior to snipping the thread."




"...both bobbins are well designed and constructed and a pleasure to use. They are a great tool for any fly tier to have who appreciates using the best."




"I'm happy to say that your bobbin has arrived safe and sound in New Zealand. My post woman brought it to the door because she thought it might be something special, she was right! Thank you very much. What a truly remarkable tool. Your customer service is fantastic as well."




"Fly tying with the Ekich bobbin provides the ultimate in thread control. Thread control is essential in the mechanics of tying a fly to perfection. The Ekich bobbin performs beautifully in conjunction with a rotary vise for precise thread wrapping and control no matter what the size or pattern of fly. I have been tying flies for 40 years and used a wide spectrum of bobbins, including automatic bobbins. I now use exclusively the Ekich S bobbin and the A series salmon bobbin. Fly tying as those who are passionate about the hobby and art form will appreciate the ergonomics and superb function that the Ekich bobbin provides. Simply stated, the Ekich bobbin makes fly tying FUN."




"Thank you Mr. Ekich. Your bobbins are wonderful. I have 20 others just sitting on their rack while your two are working very hard indeed. Thank you for such an excellent product!!!"




"Just tied a few Trico's on size 20/22. Typically I do not love tying these flies as they are simple yet a pain. I LOVE YOUR BOBBIN! The control I have with it is amazing! You have done a really good job with this and I thank you.




"Hello Mr. Ekich, I'll try to keep this short...your bobbin is BRILLIANT"




"I received my bobbin yesterday and I think I made the right choice. That is my second A bobbin and I love how smooth, comfortable, and how well it keeps perfect tension!! You have a quality product and it is worth the price!! Thanks for all your help!"




"The bobbin arrived today and I just wanted to thank you for designing a great fly tying tool! This is the fifth bobbin I have purchased from you, three trout versions and now two of the new design. I only have two new of the designs as of right now because other people must like them as well as they also have a habit of removing them when I am away from my bench at shows. Sure sign of a great tool. (Just wish they would leave me something). Will be taking better care of the remaining two that I have left."




"I greatly appreciate the time you took to instruct me in the finer points of the Ultimate Bobbin Holder. For a novice fly tyer there is no better investment. The constant tension feature alone makes the Ekich bobbin holder the most valuable, tying instrument that I have. For a beginner it not only helps me tie efficiently but also to produce quality flies that more closely approximate my intended result. Thank you again."




"I meant to email you before, because I want to let you know how much I enjoy tying flies with your bobbin! I've owned the S-series for about a year now and have tied tens of flies with it. I no longer have to worry about setting the tension, I almost never break my thread, and I can take in or let out thread at will. It's absolutely amazing. Thank you so much!"




"You hit the mark on all points of creating the perfect bobbin. It is my favourite bobbin! No mere words can explain such perfection!!!"




"I received my bobbin in the mail Saturday. Thank you for your prompt delivery of this exquisite creation. Happy tying is always easiest with the finest tool for the job. Thank you for your dedication to excellence. Your artistic engineering has me enjoying my own art even more" - Kenduardo's Lure & Fly, Buffalo, Wyoming


Knud Stangegard


"Hi! This Bobbin is by far the most wonderful device ! It is a joy to use. Love it


Gary Borger


For fly tyers like me, who love really well made tools, this bobbin is not only highly functional, but also a thing of beauty as well. It's really a fine piece of fly tying machinery...You will be impressed. I am