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 Conquer Thread Control

We maintain there are three things of paramount importance in fly tying: thread control, thread control and thread control. Did we mention thread control? Ekich fly tying bobbins conquer thread control. How? Find out in the video

Zero Slack

Ekich fly tying bobbins maintain constant tension on the thread - at all times - without the possibility of slack by automatically rewinding thread. This provides tyers with the freedom to move the fly tying bobbin away from the working area to the bobbin rest and instantly back again without losing thread tension or control and without thread fouling. Faster fly tying and a greater hold on material per wrap result
  Thread Tension, Flatness & Layering Properties Perfectly Preserved

Ekich fly tying bobbins are engineered to faultlessly deliver to the hook the same uniform tension, flatness, and layering properties imparted to the thread at the factory; all essential elements in maintaining thread control. No other fly tying bobbin can make this claim

 Standard Thread Spools

All our fly tying bobbins utilize standard thread spools ensuring quick and easy spool changes. No re-spooling means all factory imparted thread properties are preserved. Preserve thread properties and conquer thread control. 'Nuff said

  Our Best For Your Thread

The automatic bobbin's stainless steel tube tip is polished to a five micron surface finish, protecting the finest filaments and silk. Does your bobbin's finishing even come close?

 For Those Who Are Easily Satisfied With the Best

A limited number of hand-crafted DamaSeal Vises are available for purchase each year. Reserve yours today

  Fly Tying Curios

A limited number of one-of-a-kind hand-crafted Fly Tying Curios are available for purchase each year. Reserve yours today

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