The Fly Tyer Magazine article on the DamaSeal Vise by David Klausmeyer (Winter Issue November 2010) generated interest about availability.
     I handmade this vise for myself from an “off the shelf” Damascus stainless steel bar forged in Sweden.
     In order to ensure my cost of goods and secure supply, I've since switched to special Damascus stainless steel forged by M. Norris, an American master knife maker. From this steel, I handmade three vises which are shown on my web site.

The materials from which the vise is made are listed below and shown in the accompanying photo:

     Prices are dependent on whether or not tube attachments are desired.
     An optional handmade display box made from select rare wood like bird's eye maple, with chamois inlay is also available.
     A limited number of vises are available for 2022 - 2023. Contact me for pricing, options and terms.

DamaSeal vise with tube fly adaptor and fly

DamaSeal vise with tube fly adaptor and box

DamaSeal vise with box

Tube flies and tube fly attachment close up


Dama Seal in box

Dama Seal with fly

With October caddis

Final approval

DamaSeal Vise

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