the Ultimate Advantage

Ten reasons to own the Ekich Ultimate Bobbin

01. Automatically rewinds thread to tying position
As a pure functional tool, the Ekich Ultimate Bobbin holds, dispenses, and automatically rewinds thread directly from any standard thread spool. It eliminates non-productive manual thread rewinding.

02. Uses standard thread spools
All standard plastic factory wound spools with an inner arbor diameter of 7.9 mm (0.31") can be used.

03. Supports greater tying speed using rotary vises
As quick as you can move the bobbin into position, thread is automatically recovered and its tension maintained. This feature is essential for rotary tying.

04. Protects the finest thread
The Constant Force Spring (CFS) is a balanced force designed to hold the combined weight of the bobbin and the standard thread spool suspended at any point chosen by tier. The CFS is set

below the spooling tension of the finest threads such as UNI 17/0 Trico, thereby protecting them from breakage. In addition, the CFS also facilitates delivery of manufacturer imparted thread properties such as uniform tension and flatness.

05. Easy & precise thread tension control
The ergonomic design of the dual wire frame and the large brass grip perpendicular to the axis of the spool, is both functional and comfortable for left or right handed individuals enabling easy & precise thread tension control.

06. No thread fouling
The thread spool fits securely into a socket on the bobbin so there is no gap where thread can foul.

07. Greater hold on material per wrap
The Ekich Ultimate Bobbin is twice the weight of standard bobbins. This weight (33 g or 1.1 oz), provides greater hold on material per wrap.

08. Quick & easy spool changes
Just slide any standard thread spool on the bobbin post and you're done.

09. No adjustment needed
No more bending the bobbin arms in and out trying to achieve the perfect thread tension. With the Ekich Ultimate Bobbin, thread control, the most important skill in fly tying, originates from a constant known base tension provided by the constant force spring. No adjustment is needed. Ever.

10. The last bobbin you need
No cost was spared in sourcing the best materials possible (stainless steel, brass & anodized aircraft aluminum), nor was effort spared in achieving the highest tolerances and finishes on CNC machine centers. The result is a highly functional, durable and reliable product that will give you years of pure tying joy. This bobbin is not for everyone although, it might just be for you.

Take a look "under the hood."

i. The finger resting side of the wire frame features this curved end for secure grip by the middle finger only, freeing your fingers for tension control or other work if needed.

ii. Stainless steel or ceramic bobbins are offered. An optional ceramic insert sits in a machined pocket in the stainless steel tube.

iii. The thread tube extends below the brass grip to direct thread away from the wire frame.

iv. Standard thread spools slide easily and securely onto the recessed rotarty table. There is no gap where thread can foul.

v. A stainless steel constant force spring resides within

the housing and provides a uniform tension of 33 g (1.1 oz)

vi. Hardened stainless steel surgical tubing is machined and hand polished

vii. A large, flat grip is perpendicular to the axis of the spool for easier spool palming.

viii. The ergonomic dual wire

frame provides solid grip for both right and left handed tyers.

ix. The housing is CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum stock and black anodized for protection against marring.

x. This frame extension loop enables single-handed spring resetting.

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